Business Development Senior

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage the business development activities, tools and processes.
  • Actively network, build and maintain relationships with business partners, clients, affiliates, and key industry contacts.
  • Confidently present products, services, and initiatives and negotiate with decision-makers, executives, rectors and CEOs.
  • Be involved in evaluating, proposing and implementing marketing initiatives/special promotions with higher education institutions, training providers, corporations, and business associations to market our products and services.
  • Develop marketing materials and promotional activities consistent with the brand image and to leverage business development activities.
  • Generate sales and build strong sales pipeline through a variety of innovative sales strategies and identify new business opportunities and sales channels.

Core Required Skills/Experience:

  • Hold a Bachelor degree in business/management/marketing related studies from a leading university.
  • Have at least 3 years practical experience in business development, sales, and other related roles (sales experience in the employee training and e-learning industry is highly preferred).
  • Able to identify new business opportunities and sales channels, preferably possess experience building a strong sales pipeline.
  • Possess a hunter sales mentality to comb the market for new business.
  • Able to manage a portfolio of multiple business partners and clients and maintain relationships with clients, affiliates, and key industry contacts.
  • Able to understand business partners’ and clients’ requirements and conceptualize those into a commercial proposal outline.

Business Development Senior

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